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The Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club


Please tell us of your experiences during your visit to our wildlife conservation area located at The George Langman Sanctuary, our Tree Farm or while you were on this website.

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  • Shannon says:

    My son and husband had such fun on the fishing day last year. We were just wondering when the 2011 kids fishing day will ne, we’re really excited about it.

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello and thank you for your comments Shannon. The Kids Fishing Day for 2011 will take place on Saturday September 17th at the Port of Orillia between 9am and 12 noon. More information can be found by looking ahead to September on the website calendar and clicking on the day in question. Additional publicity regarding the kids fishing day and what organizations will be in attendance, will also be carried by the local newspapers as the day draws closer. We are very happy to hear your son and husband enjoyed the event last year and we look forward to your joining us again for another fun filled day.
    Details of last years event can be found on our kids fishing day page http://www.theorilliafishandgameconservationclub.com/kids-fishing-day

  • Corina says:

    Just wondering if we can bring dogs through the nature trail?

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Corina, Yes you are welcome to walk your dog along the nature trails out at the George Langman Sanctuary, provided that the dog is kept on a leash so that it will not be tempted to chase any wildlife present or disturb other users on the trails. We also ask that users of the nature trails please clean up after their animals. Thank you for your query and we hope you enjoy the trails.

  • Paul Mather says:

    We have really enjoyed watching the young swans grow up. It was interesting seeing how their parents taught them different behaviours. Where have they gone?

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Please accept our apologies for not replying to your inquiry earlier Mr Mather. Ordinarily we would always try to reply to any questions immediately but this time your message slipped past us and for that we are very sorry. To answer your question though please read on.

    Swans at the George Langman Sanctuary

    A number of people have inquired about what happened to the young swans kept at the George Langman Sanctuary.
    Please be assured that they are all alive and well.
    Last year one of our adult female swans succumbed due to natural causes and having no mate for the male swan, the club made arrangements with a gentleman who also raises swans, for the loan of a female to accompany our enamoured young male throughout the summer months. A part of that agreement was that the same gentleman would have claim to any signets that were hatched from the eggs of the female during that season.
    As part of their mating ritual, male swans drive away last years signets in the spring months to avoid competition during the mating season and to ensure that they will go on to raise families of their own. Normally this takes place in April but due to the extremely mild winter, the male swan began to stake his claim earlier than normal and began to peck at the younger swans in an attempt to make them leave.
    In order to ensure the safety of the younger swans, the club had no choice but to remove them from the enclosure at an earlier than expected date and they were returned to their owner as per our agreement. We trust that they will now go on to raise many more families in their new surroundings.

  • tj says:

    hi, is there any events planned for family fishing week?

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello and thank you for your inquiry. The Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club’s next “Kid’s Fishing Day” will be held on September 22nd at the Port of Orillia beginning at 09:00 AM. This will be an opportunity for kids and their parents to get outdoors and try their luck at fishing. There will also be a display from the OPP Canine Unit as well as prizes for each kid entered. Lunch (pizza and a drink) will be served to all kids entered, free of charge.

  • brandon says:

    hello there I’m wondering about the tree farm park you have near bass lake it has a shooting range ? was wondering how i would be able to go use it ? thanks

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Brandon, In response to your query, the OFGCC does not operate a public shooting range at the tree farm. What we have is a “sighting in range” for club members and their guests to sight in their firearms prior to going hunting. The “sighting in range” is not open to the general public, therefore you would have to become a member, or a guest of a member, in order to use it.

  • brandon says:

    what is involved with becoming a member

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Brandon.

    In the first instance I would suggest you read our Membership page and for further information call the club on the number shown on our Contact Us page to speak to one of our members directly. It may be that you would also like to come along to the club one evening where you will be able to meet a number of the members, enjoy a good meal with us and learn everything you need to know to understand what the conservation club represents and our continuing role in the community. New faces are always made welcome and I think you will be quite surprised by the active role our club takes in the support and conservation of the surrounding area.

  • Do you have tree for this winter?

    thanks jason francey

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Jason and thank you for your query. Unfortunately we will not be selling xmas trees at the tree farm this year. We recently completed a major re-planting at the tree farm but those trees are still to small to sell and the stock we have left, which has been trimmed, was not enough to warrant opening. Hopefully by next year we will have enough stock available so that we can begin selling once again.

  • Ginny says:

    Is there a family fishing day this September? Didn’t see it on your events calendar. Thanks, Ginny

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding but here is the information you requested and it is now on the website as well.

    The Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club, Kids Fishing Day will be held on Sunday, September 22nd in the port of Orillia, beginning at 09:00 and ending at 12:00 noon. The event is free for any kids who wish to participate and there will be fishing rods available for them to borrow if they don’t have their own. There will also be a canine demonstration by the MNR dogs as well as free hot dogs and drinks available for those who attend.

  • natalie.hiles@sympatico.ca says:

    Are there Christmas tree cut your own sales this year? If so where and when are you open this weekend?
    Thank you,

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Natalie and thank you for your query. I’m sorry we are not selling Christmas trees this year.

    Kind regards, Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club.

  • Rod says:

    Is the Orillia FGCC selling Christmas trees this year?

  • OrilliaFGCC says:

    Hello Rod.
    Yes we are selling Christmas trees this year and the details are available on the web site now.
    Please see our events calendar for dates or the fund raiser page for more information.

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