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The Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club

Partnership Programs

The Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club(OFGCC) is proud to work in a co-operative effort with other like-minded groups and individuals to improve the livelihood and habitat of the fish and game populations in our area. Examples of our current partnership programs are as follows: • Muskie Restoration Project: The Orillia Fish and game Conservation Club is working in co-operation with the MNR, Muskies Canada, and other Conservation Clubs in an attempt to restore the muskie populations in Lake Simcoe. With the MNR in the lead role, the OFGCC, along with other volunteers, assist the MNR in netting muskie in the more populated lakes and rivers in our area. A portion of the eggs from the females and milk from the males are collected, then the fish are released back into the waters from which they were netted. The eggs collected are then fertilized and raised in a hatchery until they are mature enough to be released into Lake Simcoe. The club has donated both time and money to this project with the goal of restoring a self-sustaining muskie population in Lake Simcoe. • Deer Feeding Projects: In co-operation with the MNR and members of the general public, the OFGCC works to feed the deer herds in our area during severe winter conditions when natural food sources are unattainable. When called upon, the Club will work with the MNR to supply food and manpower in order to help feed the many deer yarded in our area during these severe winter conditions. In other instances, the Club will assist individual rural landowners with the purchase of deer feed when requested and it has determined that the need is dire. • Stream Improvement Projects: The Orillia Fish and game Conservation Club works in co-operation with the MNR and individual land owners to prepare and implement a plan of action to improve a section of stream or river. Please see the stream improvement page under club projects on our home page for further information. • Haliburton Outdoor Association Fish Hatchery: The OFGCC works in partnership with the Haliburton Outdoor Association, assisting with the financing of this excellent fish hatchery facility. The money donated by the Club goes to provide fish food and to help pay the wages of their staff biologist. • Marl Lake, Tiny Marsh, Matchedash Bay Conservation Association (MTM) The Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club works in partnership with MTM, donating funds during the building of the “Thiffault Nature Trail” in the Matchedash Bay Provincial Wildlife Area. This trail is one of three nature trails in the preserve and the public is invited to enjoy the vast expanse of wetlands and diversity of wildlife that exist in the area. The Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club, working in partnership with Tiny Marsh, also donated funds to rebuild the pheasant holding pens. • Wye Marsh: In the late 1980’s the OFGCC financed and built a picnic shelter on the grounds of the Wye Marsh for use by their continuing education program.

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