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The Orillia Fish And Game Conservation Club

President’s Message

This year the Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club is proud to be celebrating 67 years of Conservation! Our members are currently involved in many types of conservation projects including stream improvement, forest management and fish stocking . Our members believe that educating our youth in responsible hunting, fishing, camping and hiking will help guide them to reach the Club’s main objective which is the conservation of our forests and wildlife, not only for our generation but for future generations yet to come. To add to this endeavour, the OFGCC is proud to offer a Club funded bursary called the “Jack Leatherdale and other deceased members bursary”. The purpose of this bursary is to assist post secondary students who are enrolled in conservation related courses with funds to assist them with their tuition.

The OFGCC maintains two properties. One is the 55 acre “George Langman Sanctuary”, which is open to the public free of charge. The second, is a 90 acre “Tree Farm” where the Club grows Christmas trees. The property also contains camp sites with stocked ponds for the use of its members . This area is also used by Boy scout and Girl guides groups who are invited by the Club to use the area for their various functions.

Our members are very proud of our conservation achievements and we always welcome new members who are interested in preserving our natural resources and wildlife.

Thank You;

John Kranjec; President OFGCC 2014